Skrivuppgift 13: text av Scottish Folden

CAMERA 1: Johnny Carson sits at his desk. He turns his attention from the guest to talk straight into the camera.

– And the next guest is a young comedy star, about to make his first appearance with us here tonight! He is known from the fast lane of internet fame and the underground clubs of New York City. Will you welcome him please … Pumba! Welcome!

CAMERA 2: Pumba looks out from the golden curtains and struts up to the microphone while the audience welcomes him with enthusiastic cheers.

– Wow! Hey!

Pumba greets the audience with open paws.

– Good evening everybody … very happy to be here … very happy … especially since it was a close call today, I almost didn’t make it.

The audience goes ”ooh”.

– Yeah, apparently there is this thing called … circumcision? My master told me it’s a religious thing, but I think he just tried to sugar coat the fact that … well … my meowing will be an octave
hiiiIII-gher from now on.

– Oh, and when I say he’s my master, it’s not … I repeat NOT … some sort of sadomasochistic thing. I am not a dog, you know.

Skriven av: Scottish Folden

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  1. I am suppose to reply in english, right? I’ll try it… I like it that you tell the story from the cameras point of view.

    The ending is a masterpiece! ”I am not a dog, you know”


  2. Thank you very much for your kind comment!

    Jag försökte först skriva texten på svenska, men det gick åt fanders, så jag testade på engelska och då gick det bättre. Jag hade flera jokes på lager, men sedan hann jag helt enkelt inte skriva längre än så här – och whatever! Det fick bli så här för den här gången.




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